Designed for excellence and performance, our easy to deploy, configure, and manage products center around your needs. These best-in-class products include: TASKFORCES, TRADESOFT, iMENU, and Group Buy. Learn how they can improve your business processes and increase the profitability.

  • Taskforce
  • Group Buy
  • iMenu
  • Tradesoft


The custom product meets the global benchmarks as it helps navigate the business challenges with ease, increased ROI and lowest TCO. Sync up workflow management, BI, enterprise tools, portals and web services to experience total value of powerful localizations from the fully integrated ERP Solution that requires no user-license.

Taskforce dashboard

Group Buy

The ultimate social commerce platform that extends the combined power of Social Local Mobile Framework (SoLoMo) to users. Bargain! Team up! Get more from the deals! Take advantage of proven technology that offers a flexible platform for buyers and sellers to communicate and collaborate in commerce using mobile apps, e-commerce, social media and the Internet.


The virtual menu app for Android and iOS devices offers a functional replacement for the traditional printed restaurant menu. Realize zero order-times, offer a great customer experience with e-com interfaces and mobile app for customer/waiter. Gain more, integrate with POS/KOT/ERP.


Risk management, logistics and trading are all simplified. The product is internationalized, and can be easily localized at a price that is affordable for any small organization!

TradeSoft ERP is a software covering almost all basic business purposes that might exist in a company. It is a combination of components that integrate people, information and processes comprehensively and flexibly.

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