CYBOSOL Launches U.S. Operations

CYBOSOL announces the commencement of our operations in the United States. With a dedicated office in Dallas-Texas, this expansion of our footprint in North America is an important step in our mission of enabling clients to realize high-value business benefits by offering best-of-breed technology solutions and products.

We recognize that the U.S. brings unique opportunities best addressed by on-site experts. A strong presence is the starting point for CYBOSOL's presence in the region and we expect to expand our footprint in line with client requirements.

The decision to open a CYBOSOL office in the U.S. marks our continued investment in supporting enterprises around the globe and the appetite from businesses across this region looking to work with CYBOSOL. We look forward to working with even more North American businesses and government organizations to help them expand their operations while maintaining industry-leading levels of I.T solutions and technology.

Our US operations are led by Sunil Stephen, who has joined CYBOSOL with over 20 years of work experience in I.T Quality Assurance and Project Management. Sunil comes with a deep understanding of the U.S market landscape. He now manages a US-based team of experienced I.T professionals dedicated to the North America region and is responsible for the strategic positioning and growth of CYBOSOL in the region.