CYBOSOL resolves mission critical business problems with the right approach that brings together the right technology, mature processes and talented professionals. We take a holistic development methodology to convert client’s pain-points and requirements into ready-to-use tangible high quality solutions.

Requirement study is the critical first step to set the right direction by defining and assessing the problem right. We facilitate metric-based evaluations and swift development with minimal navigation and usability problems through UI and UX emphasized rapid prototyping. Customer feedback forms the crux of every successful deployment.

  • Requirement Analysis

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Customer Review

  • Plan

  • Develop

  • Testing &QA

  • Customer Acceptance

  • Manage

Rapid Prototyping

Step One

Identify Basic Requirement

Determine basic requirements such as the input & output information

Step Two

Develop Initial Prototype

User interface design which include story boarding, wireframe & clickable prototype

Step Three


The customer/end user review & give theur feedback

Step Four

Revise & Enhance

From the feedback improved specification & prototype if necessary need to repeat step2 & 3