User Experience Redefined for
Central Bank of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), the central bank of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who is been entrusted with performing many functions pursuant to several laws and regulations.

The bank is one of the Middle East’s Biggest Regulatory Authority, committed in dealing with the banking affairs of the Government, Supervising commercial banks, financial organisations and Money exchange dealers aims at Promoting the growth of the financial system and ensuring it integrity. In order to manage and cater the whole portfolio of inter-bank services, the authority wanted CYBOSOL’s E-expertise for developing a feature rich intranet portal and also build the public website for the new payment system called ‘mada’.

Intranet portal

This aimed to be the single window for all the communication and operational transactions between the banks and SAMA. This solution controls the user authentication, act as intermediary to access all applications, as an automated transaction file transfer tool and document library, as a collaboration tool, as a portal for innovation centreFacilitated with a booking system for the application testing and management and Finally it acts a monitoring tool of the registered applications.The entire solution is built on the SharePoint platform with seamless integration with the existing system to redefine the outlook of the authority with technology excellence

SAMA given the opportunity to CYBOSOL for to build the public face of their own new payment system named ‘mada’ and also central banks needed the solution in an open source platform as a new initiative. CYBOSOL’s expertise gave a custom tailored Drupal-solutions with highly flexible content management system.

This Website, is an information website for the public and also used to manage the full-scale banking transactions and services information, right from smartening their FAQ to managing voluminous member logins.CYBOSOL were able to deliver the product in the world class quality in the record time with all the required features.