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Cybosol - steering SBC’s OTT odysse

Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) was a governmental entity cherishing the goal of value based cultural media development. Aiming to raise the performance levels.

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  • My SQL
  • HTML 5
  • Vimp
  • Symphony


Our potential Client, Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) is a governmental entity cherishing the goal of value based cultural media development. SBC aims at using latest tools and technologies in order to raise the performance levels, user experience and to retain their place as a leading television service provider.



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SBC came to accept the fact that they were a traditional broadcasting service provider. New customers were reluctant to engage with their existing service. In order to overcome this scenario, SBC decided to redo their landscape and reposition them. They considered developing a broader customer-centric service portfolio.

Expectation from the service provider

SBC wanted to shift their existing linear programme delivery modes to a new architecture. The technological solutions had to ensure that the viewers would benefit from video on demand services without going exorbitantly high on the price factor. The solution provider had to create a cross-breed and hybrid environment to deploy the same. Since the platform had to adapt and update easily to new interactive apps and related tools; handling live-stream recording, catch up lists, developing program interfaces or APIs for mobile, web and smart TV demanded that the platform had to be scalable and adaptable.

The Challenges

SBC’s revamp to OTT entailed a lot of challenges

  • Time Constraints

    SBC felt a ‘now or never’ compulsion while switching over to a new platform. This meant that the solution provider had to design and deploy within the shortest possible time.

  • Technology Constraints

    The technological landscape demanded a cross-breed which would harmonize with a wide range of interactive devices and also varying transaction-models (especially when it came to services like Video on demand)

  • Cost Constraints

    The features suggested by CYBOSOL which included-video encoding/transcoding, set up box, interactive interfaces, ensured security& safety and 24X7 data /content monitoring had to be executed within a stringent time without raising the expenditure-bar.

The Solution

CYBOSOL was convinced that users always have an ever-demanding expectation for high quality and interactive content. The CYBOSOL team came to a conclusion that the SBC revamp demanded something larger than the cloud-expertise.

  • The implementation of ViMP proved to be a promising platform to deliver high-value content and it was customized for the client for video on demand services.
  • Usage of Celery to task up queues and catch up lists.
  • Effective utilization of Openstack to customize the client’s content delivery and management and to optimize the performance.
  • Symphony was leveraged for ‘app-adaptive’ and scalable interaction.
  • 24 nodes were set up and re-laid for effective back end integration.
  • Use of cloud-powered and cloud- friendly technologies led to the accomplishment of Data security, apps for 24X7 content monitoring apps

The Result

SBC’s expansion to OTT was made possible in a hassle-free manner sourcing on Amazon band-width server. CYBOSOL exhausted its in-house expertise and business intelligence customizing the platforms to suit diverse technological environments.

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