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CYBOSOL’s promising Client, E-Transactions is an authorized company from the Central Bank of Sudan to work in the production and distribution and re-charging cash cards (Sahlh) and electronic payments applications via POS and mobile devices. Mobile banking and the usage of mobile to carry out financial transactions have become prominent around the world. With the proliferation of mobile devices globally, millions prefer to have financial data available at their fingertips using their mobile phones and smart phones.



The Problem

Being a leading service provider in the banking sector, E-Transactions faced bitter experiences from their customers, who had to stay in long queues to complete their transactions. Customers also found it very difficult to access their banking transactions 24*7. With respect to the difficulties and concerns faced by the customers and merchants, the Management decided to enhance the customer’s and merchants banking experience through a simple and user friendly interface and to also provide wide range of features and services.

Expectation from the service provider

The application will support platforms like iOS and Android and compatible with all devices

Provision to view the history of transactions and transaction status.

Transaction can be done only among the users who have registered to the app.

Merchants are able to use their smart phones as a POS.

The mobile application will be communicating to the existing back end through an API rich interface.

Bank ATM can be located through integration with Google maps.

The Challenges

  • Security Constraints

    To deliver multiple mobile banking services for its customers with superior security measures.

  • Credibility Constraints

    Required to be accountable of customers & merchants personal information and their transactions.

  • Competitive Constraints

    As immense competition evolves in the mobile banking, the new application must be having ubiquitous distribution, greater trust, improved value propositions and more integrated offerings.

The Solutions

The client authentication is implemented with best-in-class practices and protects applications from replay attacks. Sensitive information such as full card numbers is never stored or transmitted to the device, and all server communications are protected and server’s SSL certificate thumbprint is verified to prevent any tampering attacks. CYBOSOL’s resources managed to protect critical cryptography and authentication routines in this application that manage communication with the banking server. The protection works

The Result

With the support, professionalism and outstanding workmanship of CYBOSOL, the mobile banking application with innovative new features and seamless flow are rolled out.

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