Payment solutions provider delivers seamless payments with mobile banking application


E-Transactions Company is a technology services provider for Electronic Banking Services (EBS),the technical arm of Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS). EBS operates most of the national payment systems on behalf of Central Bank of Sudan, and the commercial banks of Sudan.E-Transactions is also the producer and distributor of the Sahlh cash card, a prepaid debit card. Owing to the low levels of financial inclusion in the country, most consumer transactions are still largely cash-based.

In the modern era where smart phones are now affordable in addition to the need for mobility by consumers, E-Transactions trusted CYBOSOL to develop an innovative mobile banking application—Sahlh Go. The mobile application combines the card, e-wallet, pay-roll and mobile point-of-sale (MPoS) into a single solution that was scalable across the country. Sahlh MPoS is a free mobile app that enables consumers to buy, sell and send money using a mobile device.A first for the country, merchants are able to use their smart phones as a POS.

The innovative mobile application

CYBOSOL developed the application with the capability to read the Sahlh card details of customers who have purchased goods or services and wish to pay by card. The application integrated with EBS payment gateway for cash transfer and integrates to the backend system and the central bank switch, which processes all national payment transactions. In the initial phase, Sahlh Go was deployed to over 200 devices to merchants across the country.

Frequent usage by merchants means Sahlh Go must provide accurate data, almost real-time. To this end, the development team built a provision to view the history of transactions and transaction status a key benefit for many small businesses in the country.

Keeping to local nuances, the application has multi-lingual capabilities of Arabic and English—a user simply selects their language from installation and gains full control of the digital experience.

The right technology:

As a payments app, security is critical. Protection of personal data and guarding against financial fraud is a must. The client authentication is implemented with best-in-class practices and protects applications from replay attacks. Sensitive information such as full card numbers is never stored or transmitted to the device, and all server communications are protected and server’s SSL certificate thumbprint is verified to prevent any tampering attacks. CYBOSOL’s resources managed to protect critical cryptography and authentication routines in this application that manage communication with the banking server. To underpin the functionality, the mobile application communicates to the existing back end through an API rich interface.

Towards cashless & financial inclusion

Sahlh Go MPoS was designed with small and big businesses in mind, to accept debit and cash cards payments and help consumers transition to a cashless, cardless lifestyle.

The application has made making mobile payments easy from basic services like utilities, mobile top-up, bill payments, cash transfer and other fees that resulted in customers standing for long hours in queues waiting to make payments.

Consumers have been empowered by having visibility of their finances through enhanced accessibility with an accepted card swipe, Purchase with cash back, Bill Enquiry, Bill Payment, Balance Enquiry , Mobile Top-up ,Mini Statement, Social sharing of transactions details. Merchants now have a better visibility of their business though a streamlined reporting system and instant reconciliation.

The application has provided a perfect platform to bring on board the unbanked populations and drive financial inclusion. Improved financial access does not only improve the quality of life of the people, but leads to a stronger financial sector and macro-economic benefits.

For more on building an innovative and all-star mobile application, you can schedule a free consultation with CYBOSOL.