Oil refinery elevates workplace agility and boosts productivity with employee engagement portal


Based in Yanbu—Saudi Arabia, YASREF (The Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company Ltd) is a leading global oil refinery. Today, it is redefining its workplace environment to boost productivity and agility it needs to better serve its staff and contractors. The company had undergone a period of rapid growth with an output of 400,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Arabian heavy crude oil to produce premium transportation fuels, as well as high-value refined products for both international and domestic markets.

As a result of this growth, the company’s documents grew in volume yet processes were being handled differently amongst company departments.

Choosing to work with CYBOSOL, the company deployed a Microsoft SharePoint-based intranet platform to its nearly 1,000-strong workforce. Business processes have been automated for both staff and contractors. Employee engagement is reported to be on the rise. Through enhanced communication methodologies of dashboards, schedules, reports and task management, the company has increased efficiencies and productivity.

Transforming business processes

The company now enjoys an automated environment of critical business processes after integrating many complex operational workflows. K2 was used for workflow/process automation alongside SharePoint. The benefits are not only internal but external too with company contractors now accessing the platform to collaborate on specific projects and operational tasks, anywhere and on any device, increasing turn-around times and driving cost savings.

The intranet was integrated with SAP data/process controls. This makes SharePoint an even more flexible, powerful and valuable platform to improve collaboration and process efficiency. In addition, this has extended internal controls and governance.

There has been re-architecting of certain business processes to deliver on a paperless environment. Documents can now be managed collaboratively, supported by visual tools, automated activities, and better controls.

Informing and engaging the organization

There is now a single source for all company information to manage all project documents and communications. Employees can also search for enterprise information in one-place without leaving their work stations.

Employees have been kept in-the-know with personalized news for a given scenario delivered in SharePoint home. The company shares common resources and materials in addition to broadcast messages with rich, dynamic pages. This has led to team cohesion through timely informing and engaging employees.

Boosting employee productivity

The move from manual processes led to reduction in document processing time leading to employee productivity and satisfaction. SharePoint, has saved both time and costs, because fewer staff need to come back to the office to gather information, ensuring a high-quality approach to field work.

The deployment of the Intranet has empowered business unit leaders to have enhanced visibility and control, allowing them to be more agile and self-sufficient in meeting their business goals.

By digitally transforming and automating the manual and semi-manual business workflows, the company has registered significant employee productivity gains and has enhanced the stake-holder experience.

Quicker and better audits

Due to the nature of oil and gas industry, the company is regulated and has to document any steps taken throughout business and operations processes. Tracking, auditing and reporting are crucial, along with business process automation, to ensure everything is completed on time and regulated properly.

When being audited, the central information team can now provide consistent process information, and evidence of following those processes.

Business process automation and management is now a critical enabling technology in helping organization embark on digital transformation. For more on building a modern intranet platform with SharePoint,schedule a free consultation with CYBOSOL.