Consultative Selling- A “Need” based solution selling approach

Consultative selling involves a paradigm shift from the conventional approach of making the customers understand the product to understanding the actual requirement of the customer and then the sales person suggesting the appropriate solution. In fact it’s a customer centric approach where the priority gets shifted to the customer’s need rather than your products or services.


The Consultative approach involves an interactive session where the sales person first listens to the customer and then initiates a series of queries or more precisely puts himself into the role of a CONSULTANT, sorting out the pain points and actual customer requirement which needs to be analyzed. The next phase includes teaching the customers through addressing their pain points and suggesting an appropriate solution by choosing the product or offering the service that closely/completely aligns with the customer’s requirement. On convincing the customer through helping them to visualize the proposed solution for their problem, you can actually make them buy the solution and close the deal rather than attempting to sell them your product and taking a chance.

Through the consultative approach, the sales person can stimulate the customer’s thoughts and can make them speak out the pain points being faced in their business that they haven’t even thought of. The sales person should be able to instantly shoot out questions after understanding the customers business and what exactly made them to go for a solution.

An interactive session clearly brings out the critical operational constraints faced by the customer that enables the salesperson to suggest a value added solution which in turn fully addresses the present scenario as well as allows the solution to be scaled up to meet future enhancements, if any.